Portrait Of Life Online presented by Akamai

R. Luke DuBois

At any given moment, billions of people around the globe are online shopping, sharing, gaming, streaming, working, learning, and so much more.


These digital experiences make up life experiences, and this internet activity creates trillions of bytes of data every second. Portrait of Life Online is that data translated into art in real time. The internet is the artist.


Auctioned as an NFT, the project aims to refocus our collective connective tissue in the digital age. Through his unique perspective on art, data, and technology, artist R. Luke DuBois translated immense streams of internet traffic and threat data into Portrait of Life Online.


The artwork will reflect internet data from Akamai’s global platform for one year, after which it will continue to live and morph based on an AI prediction of internet activity over time.

R. Luke DuBois

“Portrait of Life Online gives us a sense of our civilization’s online footprint — a visualization of our physical activity as humans who click and scroll, echoed in the virtual activity of the systems that serve to protect our data. It reflects the repository of our relationships, our art, our literature, and our memories.”

R. Luke DuBois is a composer, artist, and performer who explores the temporal, verbal, and visual structures of cultural and personal ephemera. He holds a doctorate in music composition from Columbia University and has lectured and taught worldwide on interactive sound and video performance. He has collaborated on interactive performance, installation, and music production work with many artists and organizations.

About Akamai

Every day, billions of people connect with their favorite brands to shop online, play games, share ideas, manage money, and so much more. They may not know it, but Akamai is there, powering and protecting life online.

We’ve built what no one else has — the largest global platform reaching the very edge of the internet. And from this platform, we see, analyze, and act upon more of what’s happening online than anyone, keeping digital experiences closer to people — and threats farther away.

Presenting our internet traffic and threat data as beautiful art
symbolizes our vision of a safer and more connected world. To encourage the next generation who will shape the future of life online, we are directing all proceeds from the sale of this NFT to support STEM education through the work of the Akamai Foundation.

Artano Marketplace

Portrait Of Life Online is available for auction on Artano, an NFT marketplace built for artists and collectors on Cardano, a proof-of-stake blockchain platform.

Portrait Of Life Online presented by Akamai

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