$ARTA is our governance token, giving the Artano community power to influence decision making and enabling the most active artists, collectors and curators to vote on the future direction of the Artano platform.

What can I do with $ARTA tokens?

ARTA token represents voting power within the platform and can be used to purchase artwork on Artano.

Users who hold ARTA can influence the development of the platform and suggest features the community can vote on, which will be implemented by Artano’s team. ARTA holders will also be able to participate in community curation.

How can I get $ARTA tokens?

Active users, buyers and sellers will receive the token for the transactions they engage in on the platform. Council members will receive a monthly compensation for the curation efforts and time spent guiding the development of Artano’s community. Listing the token on an exchange is not planned in the near future but is considered in the roadmap down the line.

Can I buy $ARTA tokens?

No, for the time being users can’t buy ARTA token.

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You can earn $ARTA tokens

With all buy and sell transactions you'll earn our governance token!